I would like to present here the results of my research of the Hofmann family.  On the following pages you will find a list of all family names, all place names, as well as an ancestry table.

The list of ancestors was produced with the GENPROFI program and appears in the form of an ancestry distribution list (ALU).  I think that it will be clear to anyone seriously interested in it.  It makes the most sense to start with the names page.  If you click the sought surname there, you will  be brought via a link to the appropriate information.

I started with an ancestry table in graphical form; this provides a better overview than the ALU, or supplements it.  As this form of presentation takes a lot of time, it will be a while before everything is completely represented and linked together; a first draft can already be viewed.  As a rule the names in the ALU are linked back and forth with those in the ancestry table; in individual cases the links lead to external pages.

Remark: the ancestral chart Buch is reflecting the current state of my research. The ancestral charts Grafik and ALU are more complex to update and therefore not necessarily reflect the latest results.

Under "descendants" I have published the descendants table of the Hofmann family; except for a couple of technical improvements it is nearly complete (according to my present state of knowledge).  I would also like to give background information to the listed places (mostly present - follow the links).  I started with sources and documents.

Following the link Landkarten you may choose a country or state for which a table opens where you can find places and names connected to my genealogical research.

I work on this page continuously, as time permits, on extensions and improvements.  It is therefore worthwhile to look at it again and again.

Winfried Hofmann